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Communication and Control Network Design

comm3When designing a communications network or a control network we focus on existing hardware technology, new hardware technology, interfacing, network volume and speeds.  Often times new hardware technology needs to interface with existing hardware and the existing communication or network  protocols.  The two do not always easily  interface or may not interface at all. comm2We will evaluate the  most cost efficient options for  migrating two different protocols so they will work together. In doing so we will review the amount of traffic and data that  needs to be transmitted.  Also the speeds and frequency at which the data needs to sent and received.

comm4If the network is to be all new and does not need to interface with older technology the same rules for evaluating still apply.  We will review the traffic volume, speeds and frequency.  Additionally we will review what best fits  your current situation by analyzing your software, hardware and abilities. We design many comm1different types of network systems, including Ethernet, Ethernet/IP, RS232, Control-Net, Device-Net, DH+, DH485, Modbus, Modbus/TCP.