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Control Enclosure Modifications

Modifications1We customize standard enclosures with cutouts, knockouts and other modifications to suit the application.  Our experience is broad because on a regular basis we deal with many materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum,  plastics and polycarbonates.  Modifications to these may be as simple as drilling and tapping , doing hole knockouts or  more advanced custom cutouts.  When providing these customizations we will review your NEMA and IP ratingModifications2 requirements and will consider gasket and mounting techniques to maintain the proper environmental ratings.  Customizing an enclosure can go a lot further with RASP.

Modifications3Inside the enclosure modifications may include installing custom panels, swing panels, various depth panels,back to back panels or side panels.  We can add custom brackets to support large wire bundles or to add devices such as coolers or purge systems. If you require seismic rated enclosures we can install properly zoned kits.  We also work with local fabrication shops for more advanced customization such as a complete custom cabinet or drilling and a tapping an explosion rated cabinet. Modifications4The list of customization goes on and on so if you have a unique application just discuss it with us and we will help formulate a solution.