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Motor Controls Upgrade

Variable-Speed-DrivesWhether it be the addition of variable speed control, modernization from DC to AC, or linking multiple drives via Ethernet and a PLC to provide precise tension control; RASP has you covered.  Our experts can design, install, program and startup a custom solution to meet your needs.  Motor control upgrades can be as simple as replacing a contactor with a variable speed drive or replacing Variable-Speed-Drives2and older DC solution to an AC solution. Other times an upgrade may be to replace an obsolete or failed controller with a newer one.

Variable-Speed-Drives3Motor controls upgrades are usually associated with what directly controls the motor but often times they are much more.  An upgrade can be adding PLC control to a motor circuit for increased functionality , monitoring or diagnostics.  Additionally an upgrade may be to add control to an HMI again for increased functionality , monitoring or diagnostics. Variable-Speed-Drives4Often times a motor control system upgrade eliminates a complete station of push buttons and pilot lights.