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Pin Testing

Point to Point and pin testing is standard procedure for all our systems that we build.  From ten wires to a thousand we provide a point to point test to help ensure the system is wired to the schematics or wire list.  In addition to performing the test we also try to have the test done by people that did not do the original wiring.  This helps to increase the quality assurance of the test.  Not only will a point to point test help to ensure that the system is wired to the  schematics or wire list, but it will also identify any missed wires.  Often times large systems with hundreds of wires and cables have engineering changes while the system is being built.  These rev changes may lead to adding or deleting wires, circuits or components on the fly increasing the risk of a missed wire.  The point to point test will help to ensure that all rev changes have been caught and updated prior to additional testing, installation or power-up.