PLC3PLC programming on all levels and across many platforms has been our strength and focus for many years.  Including pico and micro controllers all the way up to process, SCADA and automation control to include integration to drives, motion, data logging, and safety.  The very foundation of the company from the beginning was based on the strength of programming PLC’s.  Because of the vast array of markets serviced over the years our experience  in one area helps strengthen our programming abilities in other areas. PLC1Our extensive background in programming  automation and machine control has provided us with the experience to program PLC modules such as digital, analog, high speed counters, thermocouple, RTD,  communications and other specialty modules.

PLC2Typical applications include interfacing with encoders, drives, servos, transducers, valves, RFID’s, HMI’s, bar code readers and various types of sensors.  Our background with plant process and control is with markets such as chemical, aggregate, food processing, beverage and medical.  Typical applications include interfacing with tanks, vessels, conveyors, mixers, hoppers, feeders, heaters, thermocouples and specialty valves. Our PLC programming history includesPLC4 new programs, program changes to existing systems and converting to a new or different platform.