Support-Testing1We offer on-site testing services for troubleshooting in addition to in-house testing of new control systems.  We can assist in making a test procedure or test to your existing procedures.  Our on-site testing services cover a wide range of possible testing applications.  Testing may be for troubleshooting a problematic issue to help identify a failed device that is not easily diagnosed.  For example while troubleshooting a production line that is not running we can isolate individual devices and then test them for proper functionality. Or there are times that a customer will send to our shop a partSupport-Testing2 or system to do testing on. Our in-house testing may consist of following a customer supplied test procedure with follow up documentation or following a test procedure written by RASP for your system.

Support-Testing3Testing can be as simple as a point to point test or a whole set of procedures that  may include items such as circuit isolation, power injection, power up, temperature recording, hi-pot testing and many other options.  Testing is not restricted to hardware only, often times testing of software is required.  We offer software testing for PLC and HMI programs. Typical software testing maySupport-Testing4 include following a pre set procedure, program section isolation, line by line step through or forced bit triggering.  Feel free to discuss your testing requirements with one of our engineers to find the best fit for your situation.