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PLC’s  –  SCADA  –  Custom


PLC programming on all levels and across many platforms has been our strength and focus for many years.  Including pico and micro controllers all the way up to process, SCADA and automation control to include integration to drives, motion, data logging, and safety. The very foundation of the company from the beginning was based on the strength of programming PLC’s.  Because of the vast array of markets serviced over the years our experience  in one area helps strengthen our programming abilities in other areas. Our extensive background in programming  automation and machine control has provided us with the experience to program PLC modules such as digital, analog, high speed counters, thermocouple, RTD,  communications and other specialty modules.

Typical applications include interfacing with encoders, drives, servos, transducers, valves, RFID’s, HMI’s, bar code readers and various types of sensors.  Our background with plant process and control is with markets such as chemical, aggregate, food processing, beverage and medical.  Typical applications include interfacing with tanks, vessels, conveyors, mixers, hoppers, feeders, heaters, thermocouples and specialty valves. Our PLC programming history includes new programs, program changes to existing systems and converting to a new or different platform.


When we think of HMI’s we are usually concerned with the programming aspects and often overlook the graphics design portion. If you desire more graphic detail than a standard push button display we can help make that happen. If you have a plan in mind just tell us what you want on your HMI and we will create it. Or we can use our experience to customize an HMI for you.

Typical graphics improvements include graphics of the plant process equipment or machines and  animated representation of their current state. Other popular graphical improvements include customer logos, animated tank levels, trending,  graphs and pop up screens. We can even provide video and live camera display if desired. An HMI can add many levels of improvements to your system from  information, graphics or ease of use.


We can set-up and program your VFD functions along with communications options and PLC interface.  Whether you are replacing a drive or installing a first time application we can setup the drive configuration for you.  We have the experience for doing not just the standard drive parameters but also the drive tuning, and communications. With a history of setting up many different sizes and brands of drives provides us with a wide range of  application experience.

Typical applications that we have provided drive startup  have been pumping stations, water treatment, flywheels, fans, conveyor, centrifuge, pellet mills, ball mill, packaging, palletizers and many more.

Rockwell Automation

With access, training and support available for the complete suite of Rockwell software products we can program your Rockwell software requirements. As a Rockwell approved systems integrator and a Rockwell toolkit owner, we have access to all variations of software Rockwell has to offer. We can provide PLC, HMI, Motion control, Data collection, Asset management, Energy monitoring, Vibration analysis, Drive commissioning, Reporting, and vision application programming.  More specific examples are;

We can program the following Rockwell processor platforms: SLC100-150, PLC2, PLC5, SLC500, RSLogix 5000, Studio 5000. We can program the following Rockwell HMI platforms: Panelbuilder 32, RSView32, Factory Talk view Studio ME and SE. We also program and implement Rockwell Historian, Vantagepoint and RSEnergy Metrix for data collection and reporting applications. Just contact one of our technical staff and we can assist you with whatever your Rockwell programming needs may be.

Motion Controls

From stand alone systems to PLC integrated motion control we design and program systems for simple motion to complex and coordinated motion applications.  When dealing with motion control applications there are times when they are easily done with simple AC or DC drives, or pneumatics.  There are other times that a servo system or  linear actuator may be a better fit.  We can help identify the best solution for the application. This option often eliminates the need for additional software and programming and can simplify communications and control.

When motion control requires a servo system for the application we have experience with stand alone servos  indexing, fixed positioning, random positioning and force applications. In addition to the stand alone system we also have experience with PLC integrated systems where the motion profiles are done in the PLC.


Because of the popularity of Wonderware along with the numerous systems out there utilizing it we specialize in this suite of software. From simple HMI screens to more complex solutions we can update existing or create new projects for you.

Visual Studio

If custom software is required we have the whole suite of Microsoft Visual Studio available. We can provide services for any application that may need programming in the following languages: Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Visual C#.

Applications such as the following: automated instrumentation and data acquisition, specialized database access and interfaces for data collection and tracking, and scripting for PLC’s and HMI’s.


Excel Reporter is used to report directly from a PLC without a historian or relational database for automated time or event based data acquisition directly to Microsoft Excel.  Typical applications include data logging, automatic reporting and interactive forms. Once in Excel it can be used as an analytical database to provide a snapshot, min, max,  average, total, deviation and much more.

For automatic reporting you can have scheduled events, published worksheets and distribution via email or text.  Interactive forms can provide for data entry, drop down list and calculations.  With partnerships from all the major players, for niche markets that require automated and unattended operation Excel Reporter is a great choice.

GE Software

With access, training and support available for the complete suite of GE software we can program your GE software requirements. As a member of the GE Solution Provider Program we can provide PLC and HMI programming solutions using the following Proficy Suite of software: CIMPLICITY, Machine Edition, Historian, and iFIX.

This also includes the ability to use Visual Basic (VB.NET) for scripting.  We can program the following processor platforms: PACSystems, Series 90-70, Series 90-30, and VersaMax PLC. Typical applications are printing machines, automated blasting machines, PLC to robot interfaces, and PLC to PC interface for data logging.


Description coming soon.

Allen Bradley

Now synonymous with Rockwell Automation, Allen Bradley is owned by parent company Rockwell Automation, and many of the Allen Bradley products are often programmed using the latest Rockwell software.  Allen Bradley specific PLC’s were introduced in the 1980’s, known as the PLC-2, the PLC-3 and the very popular PLC-5.  Later in the 1980’s was the introduction of the SLC-100 and SLC-150.  Originally programmed using the Allen Bradley 6200 programming package, the PLC-5 is still in operation and is now programmed using Rockwell’s RSLogix 5000 software.  In the 1990’s the SLC-500 line was launched and also used the Allen Bradley 6200 software and now uses the RSLogix 500 software.  RASP maintains all the required software and cables to communicate with the vintage SLC’s and PLC’s allowing us to read the programs for migrating to new systems. 


Description coming soon.

PLC Remote Log-In

Remote access of plant information and logic via modem, cellular or cloud connections, with the utmost concern of security. Remote Access Dial-In Kits let you connect remotely to your site’s network and/or programmable controller. Once connected, you can monitor the process, collect data, and make program changes remotely.  From across the street to across the globe, we can set up your system for remote log-in.


Description coming soon.


RASP Inc. provides a diverse offering of programming capabilities while using standards to assure a uniform approach to the program solutions we provide. Our programming team is fluent in the use of many programming languages and techniques for the solutions of our customer programming needs.

Jeff Bruno, Senior Project Manager

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