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Depending on your requirements we can provide many levels of documentation including schematics, cut sheets, program printouts, operating sequences etc.

For PLC programs, we can provide a digital copy of the program on a CD, or flash drive. If a hard copy of the program is desired we can print a copy and provide it in a binder.

For HMI programs, we can also provide the digital copy or a hard copy printout in a binder. Electrical schematics options include various file formats such as DWG, DXF, PDF and others, in addition to hard copy options.

Oftentimes, customers request the cut sheets for each component installed. We will first try to obtain the manufacturer’s original digital version and if that is not available we will scan the hard copy provided with the device. Other documentation services include recommended spare parts list, bill of materials, operating instructions, theory of operation and configuration documentation.

Drive Startup

Whether you are upgrading a drive, replacing a faulty drive or just want to make changes, we can assist with your on-site requirements, including installation and setup. You may have a drive that is just old, obsolete, or in legacy status that you want to proactively replace to prevent future down time. In a situation like this, we can evaluate the current drive and application to help with a solution. In doing so, we don’t just look for a horsepower replacement, we will evaluate other factors such as your maintenance personnel, spare parts, communications, enhancements and future requirements.

If you have a faulty drive and want to replace it with the same make and model, we can do the replacement and transfer the configuration and settings for you. There may be times when you may want to make a change to an existing drive such as changing the parameters, but there are other changes and upgrades available, such as adding I/O, and installing a line reactor or a brake resistor.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Many of our customers request Factory Acceptance Testing or a Functional Acceptance Testing of their control system built by RASP. We will accommodate your already written test plans or if you prefer, we can assist in writing the test plans with you or for you. We will provide a skilled person or team of people, and any required equipment necessary to meet your testing needs.


We offer Hi-pot testing services for your control panels or assemblies for both AC and DC with ground continuity to help identify weak insulating materials, pinholes in insulation, inadequate spacing of components or pinched insulation. Our tester is capable of 5 kVAC and 6 kVDC and can be used for dielectric withstand testing, ground bond test, run test and line leakage test.

HMI Upgrades

From migrating to a new platform, replacing an obsolete product or adding screens to your existing HMI we can assist with the programming, removal or install. Due to the many models of HMIs out there, you may not have the software or communications cables required to make changes. Chances are we either already have, or can get, the software and cables required. If it is just screen program changes or updates, we can provide a programmer to assist.

If you want to replace an HMI, we can provide personnel for the removal, installation and programming. For the removal and replacement, we will evaluate characteristics such as the physical size to determine if a cutout has to be made or a custom bezel is required because the new HMI may be smaller. Other things we look at are the communications, the environment, usage and cost.


From small to large control installations, we can perform as much of the install as you wish. We can remove an older control system, install a new control system, or retrofit an existing system… But installation is not limited to just large systems. We routinely install hardware and components such as sensors, motors, valves, and many other individual components.

Installation may include running conduit, pulling wires, doing cut-outs or mounting hardware. If the installation is in a hazardous location, we will provide the proper fittings and do the proper potting and seal-offs.

For larger installation projects, we can do a site evaluation to determine the best course of action, analyze downtime requirements, and help identify problematic areas. Prior to removal of a system, we will identify each wire to be disconnected and tag or re-tag the wire to document the previous termination point and the new termination point. We have performed many large installation projects that require a team of people to maximize efficiency and reduce down time.

On-Site Wiring and Conduit

When it comes to wiring components or full control systems we can provide your on-site wiring solutions. While similarly falling under the same category as installation services we break this out separate so that we can identify various options when it come to on-site wiring. Often times you may install a device yourself and just need us to do the final wiring or need us to run some conduit. There are other times when a company may purchase a machine from another source and just need us to do some final wiring or power install.

In the event that you are removing a piece of equipment you may need us to remove or disconnect some wiring for you. We can also assist with tracing wires in a panel or in a plant when the lack of documentation prevents you from doing so.

PLC Upgrades

If you want to migrate to a new platform, replace an obsolete product, or add to your existing PLC, we can assist with your on-site programming, removal or installation. There are times when an older obsolete PLC is in need of replacement or maybe it is a legacy product that has limited parts availability and you want to be proactive in the replacement before a failure occurs. Whatever your reasons are for upgrading, we can help with the transition.

While taking into consideration such factors as your maintenance personnel, spare parts, communications, enhancements and future requirements. If you simply require programming changes to your existing PLC, we can provide a programmer to assist.

Covering many brands and models of PLCs, chances are we either already have, or can get ,the software and hardware required to communicate with yours.

Point-to-Point Testing

Point to Point and pin testing is standard procedure for all our systems that we build. From ten wires to a thousand we provide a point to point test to help ensure the system is wired to the schematics or wire list. In addition to performing the test we also try to have the test done by people that did not do the original wiring. This helps to increase the quality assurance of the test. Not only will a point to point test help to ensure that the system is wired to the schematics or wire list, but it will also identify any missed wires. Often times large systems with hundreds of wires and cables have engineering changes while the system is being built. These rev changes may lead to adding or deleting wires, circuits or components on the fly increasing the risk of a missed wire. The point to point test will help to ensure that all rev changes have been caught and updated prior to additional testing, installation or power-up.

Service & Support

For scheduled service calls we can help troubleshoot and identify problem areas. We can assist with, but not limited to, PLC’s, drives, electrical problems, faults, tracing mechanical issues and many other problematic issues. While we are not a 24/7 on-call service center, we do our best to respond as fast as possible to your service requirements. We will try to gather as much information on the phone to determine if a technician is required, a programmer or drive specialist. If there is a PLC or HMI involved we will also try to identify the make and model prior to the service to help ensure we bring the proper software and communications cables. Often times connecting to a PLC will help to trace down the resulting issue even though it is a non PLC related problem. By capitalizing on our engineering, design, programming and assembly experiences helps up to be better at our support services.

Software Acceptance Testing (SAT)

RASP is skilled with assisting customers requiring Software Acceptance Testing for programs written by RASP, written by your team, or written by others. We will assist at any level that you require to accommodate your already written test plan or if you prefer, we can assist in writing the test plans with you or for you. We will provide a skilled person or team of people, and any required equipment necessary to meet your testing needs.


We offer on-site testing services for troubleshooting in addition to in-house testing of new control systems. We can assist in making a test procedure or test to your existing procedures. Our on-site testing services cover a wide range of possible testing applications. Testing may be for troubleshooting a problematic issue to help identify a failed device that is not easily diagnosed. For example, while troubleshooting a production line that is not running, we can isolate individual devices and then test them for proper functionality… Or there are times that a customer will send to our shop a part or system to do testing on. Our in-house testing may consist of following a customer supplied test procedure with follow up documentation or following a test procedure written by RASP for your system.

Testing can be as simple as a point to point test or a whole set of procedures that may include items such as circuit isolation, power injection, power up, temperature recording, hi-pot testing and many other options. Testing is not restricted to hardware only, often times testing of software is required. We offer software testing for PLC and HMI programs. Typical software testing may include following a pre set procedure, program section isolation, line by line step through or forced bit triggering. Feel free to discuss your testing requirements with one of our engineers to find the best fit for your situation.

Thermography Troubleshooting

As a service call we can help identify a hot spot or problem area. On a recurring basis we can offer preventative maintenance routes and provide full reports. With heat being one of the key indicators of a potential failure thermography can help to identify these hot spots to fix a problem before a failure occurs. The advantage to using thermal imaging is that it is non-contact and you don’t have to stop or shutdown equipment.

For us typical electrical inspections include items such as fuses, breakers, transformers, relays and wire terminations,. Typical mechanical inspections include items such as motors, gearboxes and pumps. After an inspection a report will be provided which can be as simple or detailed as you wish. A report can contain a write-up, photos, charts, graphs and various levels of detail.


RASP Incorporated’s wide range of services from drawing review, panel layouts, Installation, on-site service, and many others, offer a great extension to our customers industrial controls requirements. RASP continuous communication with its customers engineers, technicians, managers and purchasing allows for on-time projects while staying within your budget.

Mike Close, COO

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